Daily Life in Central Asia

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Capture the essence of Central Asia in a picture

The project “SEnECA – Streng­t­hening and Energizing EU-Central Asia Relations” aims to better connect the EU and Central Asia. In order to achieve this aim, the Trans European Policy Association (TEPSA) will organise a public photo exhibition in the framework of the SEnECA project in Brussels in spring 2019 to bring the region closer to EU citizens and invites profes­sionals and talented amateurs to send in their photos depicting life in Central Asia.

Photo­graphy is a powerful commu­ni­cation tool that can help citizens familiarise with Central Asia. By exhibiting photos of daily life in this region, citizens can enhance their under­standing of Central Asia and grasp how both regions are connected. Photo­graphy can transcend borders through visual messages that can be understood by everyone regardless of their place of origin. On 4 and 5 April 2019, SEnECA will organise a two-day free photo exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts “BOZAR” in Brussels to show the beauty, culture and tradi­tions of Central Asian countries, portraying the daily lives of their inhabi­tants and stimu­lating a reflection on the diffe­rences and simila­rities between Europe and Central Asia.

Capture the essence of Central Asia in a picture is SEnECA’s photo contest and it is open to all residents of the EU and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkme­nistan and Uzbekistan). Photos submitted are encou­raged to feature ordinary life in the countries of Central Asia, from the city to the countryside, covering all categories that define how an ordinary day in Central Asia looks like. The best 50 pictures will be exhibited in Brussels and the five successful candi­dates will win a trip to Brussels to attend the opening of the exhibition.