Arunas Moils at IEP

Arunas Molis, SPES fellow from Lithuania, came to Berlin in the period of 7–18 December 2009, and will complete the second half of his research stay in February/March 2010.

In order to complement his SPES research project: “EU-Russia energy relations from a Baltic perspective”, he has so far conducted several inter­views with experts form Berlin based think tanks and insti­tutes, and will further inves­tigate the subject during his second stay.

At the Baltic Defence College (Tartu, Estonia) Arunas also organized a seminar “Strategies of energy suppliers and consumers: search for consensus” in autumn 2009.

Since 2007 Arunas has worked as Inter­na­tional relations studies chairman at the Baltic Defence College where he has been contri­buting to the develo­pment and imple­men­tation of the political studies curri­culum of the College, as well as conducting research projects related to the Baltic military coope­ration, NATO, European security and defence policy, energy security, etc. Prior to that, he worked as Head of Eastern countries monitoring division at the Center for Strategic Studies (Vilnius based think-tank), resear­ching the fields of energy security, ESDP and NATO, Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania, and Public Relations Division of Lithuanian Parliament. On top of that, he taught at the Eurouni­versity (in Tallinn), Tartu University, Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences, and Vilnius University.