Invitation: 14th Ukraine Breakfast Debate on 15 July 2019

Since the Revolution of Dignity, the population showed an increasing demand for the reform of the judicial system and the fight against corruption. A major role in this reform process is played by civil society organizations who advocate and monitor these developments. The constant pressure of civil society pushed the government to establish a new Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine, increase transparency in decision-making, and improve access to public information and open data, thus providing activists with stronger controlling tools.

Anti-corruption activism also increased in the Ukrainian regions after the Revolution of Dignity for several reasons, one of which being the decentralization reform. As a result of this reform, the power of the central government has been reduced, municipalities in Ukraine have gained additional financial resources and additional authority over local services delivery. However, the decentralization efforts produced undesirable consequences for the state of corruption in the country – it moved corruption schemes from the center to local government posing important challenges for local anti-corruption civil society organizations.

In this context, several questions arise: Which role does the new Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine play in the fight against corruption? How is it possible to ensure an independent and trustworthy judiciary? How will the new president and the new government shape the anti-corruption process? Which successes and failures of anti-corruption activism in all regions of Ukraine since 2014 can be determined and which internal and contextual factors are responsible for the success or failure of anti-corruption civil society organizations? And finally: How can international partners effectively support anti-corruption activism?

These and further questions will be addressed during our 14th Ukraine Breakfast Debate on the topic “The Fight against Corruption in Ukraine: The Role of Judicial System and Regional Civil Society Organizations“. We warmly invite you to join us at IEP on Monday, 15 July 2019, from 9:00 AM to 10:45 AM to discuss with our experts Iryna Shyba, Executive Director of DEJURE Foundation in Kyiv, and Oksana Huss, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Leiden University and co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (

This event is organized by the IEP project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) which aims at promoting professional expertise among Ukrainian think tanks, creating synergies between German and Ukrainian think tanks and transferring knowledge about developments in Ukraine to Germany. PAIC is conducted in close cooperation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF, Kyiv) and the think tanks development and research initiative think twice UA (Kyiv) and is kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

Please note, that this event will take place in English.

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